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We would  like to share with you that the “Hearts of Tango” event was a great success! We had a fantastic evening watching an excellent movie, sharing Miguel Libedinsky’s story, dancing tango with the instructors of the Winnipeg Tango Club and Guillermo Ocejo’s band, and having some wine and cheese in very good company

We were just shy of 200 people at the Centre de Étudiants of the Universite de Saint Boniface.

Thank you to the Universite de Saint Boniface, Miguel Libedinsky, the Winnipeg Tango Club, Guillermo Ocejo and his Tango band  and all the volunteers  that helped with the event preparation and  during the evening.


Some of the comments that our guests shared with us:

“Many thanks to the warm, fantastic audience of Winnipeg. It was an honor and a privilege sharing with you our work. Special shout out to the Argentinean Manitoban Association…… …and to the Universite of St. Boniface, you have such a beautiful space! GRACIAS, de corazon.” Miguel Libedinsky-Director “Hearts of Tango”

“(the event) was fun and interesting.  The film was one of the better documentaries I have seen.  I enjoyed the breadth of the people interviewed. Ann and I were especially impressed by how the one woman presented herself as a fit, attractive artist, talking with intelligence and insight before we were allowed to notice her wheelchair and to see her dance with it.  Miguel showed her as she wanted and deserved to be seen.  He is an exceptional film maker for a high school teacher by day.  We talked about the evening all the way home. Thanks for asking us.” Ron

“it is such a good movie, I’m still thinking about it. It has something for everyone. I also noticed many people in the movie with Russian or Jewish-Russian background. Thanks you for inviting us. “ Olga

“Thank you so my for inviting us to the wonderful  event last night!  We had such a good time!  The film was amazing.  It was so well done technically and the content was beautiful and so interesting – a really comprehensive look at the world of Tango!  I learned so much and have a much greater appreciation for the dance. We loved the live performance that preceded the film, and it was so much fun to watch everyone dance during the reception afterward.” Éxito total .  Felicitaciones!!!! Ann

“I work in addictions and we talked about people getting addicted to the euphoria of Tango dancing. Dancing could interfere with one’s life! (Or as we say in addictions, life might try to interfere with your …. Dancing/drinking/gambling) Nice evening”


Hola! “I have been smiling all day about Tango night ….     ….the movie was interesting, the people so mixed and warm, the dance inspiring, one of my favorite wines, good snacks…a really super night. Thank you so much (Gabriel) for making all the connections that resulted in such a memorable gathering of people.” big hugs, Dan

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