In recent years, the Argentinean Manitoban Association (AMA) has received numerous requests for information from Argentine skilled workers and professionals who wish to establish themselves in Manitoba. We are convinced that Manitoba can benefit from the arrival of Argentine immigrants, which would also contribute to the growth of the Argentine community in the province.


Immigrating to Manitoba: Important


The AMA provides assistance to those interested in settling in Manitoba absolutely free of charge. AMA does not obtain any economic benefit for the help it provides nor does it require the payment of any money by the interested parties. Please report if someone requests money from you on behalf of AMA .


This assistance is carried out by VOLUNTEERS. AMA has no paid employees. All the actions carried out by the Association are through the help of its volunteers.

To apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) it is NOT necessary to hire the services of law firms or immigration consultants. Likewise, AMA volunteers will always contact those interested directly and not through intermediaries.


This statement is made in accordance with the request of Manitoba Immigration authorities.


AMA volunteers assisting applicants to apply to relocate to Manitoba are NOT responsible for the negative outcome of their applications. AMA volunteers provide interested parties only with a guide to preparing the application. The approval or not to submit the application to the MPNP is the exclusive domain of the provincial immigration officials.


General information


Manitoba has signed an agreement with the Federal Government of Canada whereby the province can “nominate” candidates to immigrate who meet certain criteria established by the provincial authorities.


The nomination is a certificate by which Manitoba requests the Federal Government to issue an immigrant visa to an individual or family group who meets the requirements demanded by the province, and who also wish to settle and remain in Manitoba.


Once Manitoba issues a certificate of nomination, the Federal stage begins, where the Province of Manitoba or AMA no longer have a say.

All information and requirements about the Manitoba Provincial Nominations Program (MPNP) can be found at Immigrate to Manitoba .


The MPNP regularly reviews and adjusts the form of evaluation and the criteria for nomination. Its purpose is to evaluate the applications of “Skilled Workers” with demonstrated intention and ability to successfully establish themselves in Manitoba in the most efficient way possible. The MPNP's Skilled Workers program was redesigned to ensure that applicants with high potential to settle in Manitoba are screened quickly.


AMA as a non-profit organization has been approved by the provincial authorities to provide support to applicants for the provincial nomination. Once the applicants have been approved by the provincial authorities to proceed with the application, the specific support that AMA would provide is a letter of support to potential Argentine immigrants who wish to settle in the province. Community support means that an entity that represents an ethnic group or people agrees to provide certain assistance and support to people of the same ethnic group or people who come to live in Manitoba.


AMA provides all Argentines who meet the requirements provided by the MPNP the following services:


  • Volunteers from the AMA Immigration Commission help candidates prepare documentation to present to the Manitoba Immigration officer and if the officer approves the exploratory visit, they help coordinate this visit.


  • Delivery of a "letter of support". This letter is subject to the applicant's being invited by the Manitoba Immigration officer to an exploratory visit to Winnipeg and to an assessment by AMA of the applicant's and family's possibilities to settle satisfactorily in both the work and social spheres. in the province of Manitoba. It is important to be clear that the Government of Manitoba is the one that has the last word regarding the acceptance of a candidate, regardless of the support that AMA may provide. The letter of support from AMA is a necessary but NOT sufficient condition to obtain a certificate of nomination.


  • During the visit to Winnipeg, AMA volunteers will try to connect the candidate with other compatriots, people from the same work area, and volunteers who help to get to know the city in more detail. After the interview with the Manitoba Immigration official, only this official will have the authority to invite the visitor to continue with the established steps: provide an expression of interest, the application to the MPNP, and eventually apply to the Government of Canada for the resident visa permanent.


  • Once settled in Manitoba, AMA will provide assistance (non-financial) in the first steps (guide to do procedures, contact with companies that manage buildings, assistance in school registration, etc.). AMA also provides assistance to those individuals / families who already have a visa through the Federal Program and decide to settle in the province.


I am interested in immigrating to Manitoba… What should I do?


If you are an Argentine citizen, with legal residence at your current address (regardless of your current place of residence) and you wish to settle in Manitoba, the first steps to follow are:


  • Read carefully all the information published on the Immigrate to Manitoba site. Please use this page regularly as the information is regularly updated and may be modified without prior notice.


  • If you consider that you are in a position to apply (that is, if you meet all the requirements requested by the province, including the required funds), take the “Self Assessment” to determine the score and see if it reaches the minimum required to start the process.


  • If you meet all of these requirements please contact us using the form at the bottom or by sending an email to  


Unfortunately, the criteria imposed by the province are strict and we cannot deliver letters of support to individuals who do not first meet all of the MPNP requirements. We therefore ask all interested parties to visit Immigrate to Manitoba FIRST and carry out their “self assessment” before contacting us.


Privacy, Ethics and Confidentiality


AMA's immigrant assistance program is absolutely free for every family and / or individual who contacts our organization. There will be no charge or payment to be made to AMA at any time during the immigration process or once you have settled in Manitoba.


Each form submitted by AMA will clearly state that it is not for sale, in English and Spanish.


Relationship with Third Parties


AMA, through its members and volunteers at the service of the Association, will always contact each member directly. No firm of consultants or lawyers specialized in immigration may represent an individual or family before AMA. The candidate must send their forms and deal directly with the people that AMA designates for this purpose, with no exceptions of any kind.

Each query from a candidate will be answered in strict order of arrival.


AMA will make it clear in its documents and website that if the candidate meets the requirements of the Manitoba Provincial Nominations Program, there will be no need to hire an immigration attorney or consultant.

Any member of AMA (or their spouse or children) who works for an immigration consultant or a law firm that works in the field of immigration, may not be part of the AMA Immigration Commission, to avoid any type of conflict of interests.


Privacy and Confidentiality


All personal information that immigrant candidates provide to AMA Immigration Commission volunteers will be used to evaluate the candidacy for the MPNP. If the evaluation is feasible, this information will be used to request the Immigration officer the possibility of inviting the applicant to make the exploratory visit. Only those AMA members who are part of the AMA Immigration Commission will have access to candidates' personal information. Such personal information will be kept in a secure location until the candidate's MPNP application is completed. Once the application is completed, regardless of its positive or negative resolution, said personal information will be destroyed.

AMA volunteers will ask each candidate to sign their agreement to distribute personal information (eg resume, email address) to human resources specialists or volunteers who can provide assistance. AMA will make every effort to publicize its privacy and confidentiality policy on its website and also in the initial contact with immigrant candidates.

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